In Solidarity with Wong Yan Ke We Need Your Support KLSCAH Youth Launches Crowdfunding in Solidarity with Wong Yan Ke

KLSCAH Youth has officially launched a crowdfunding campaign for Wong Yan Ke and has set a fundraising target of RM50,000 to cover his legal costs.

Please visit the crowdfunding platform: , to support Wong Yan Ke in appealing the verdict in the High Court and possibly the Court of Appeal.

(Platform fees are waived for the donation to this campaign. All donations go straight to the campaign minus the banking fees.)

“Wong Yan Ke was found guilty by the Magistrate Court for the convocation protest in Universiti Malaya and fined RM5,000 in default three months’ jail.”

Four years ago, during his convocation, a determined and idealistic youth staged a solo protest against the racist remarks made during the Malay Dignity Congress by former UM Vice-Chancellor Abdul Rahim and demanded the VC to resign.

Since being charged, Yan Ke has never once failed to appear in court and has given his full cooperation with investigations. Yan Ke has proven that he is not a rebellious youth, but rather an upstanding youth seeking justice through the judicial process. He remains hopeful and continues to dedicate himself to civil society, actively defending human rights, democracy and equality.

Yan Ke once said, “Instead of worrying about my court case, it’s better to focus my energy on helping underprivileged groups.”

After three years of court proceedings, Yan Ke was found guilty. What was his crime? Advocating freedom of speech? Holding those in power accountable? Opposing racism? He bravely pointed out the elephant in the room and challenged injustice, but is now facing the risk of losing his personal freedom. This verdict is a dire wake-up call for all Malaysians.

Nonetheless, Yan Ke refuses to back down. He continues to champion justice, freedom and diversity. This court case isn’t just a personal battle for him; it’s a battle for justice and equality for all Malaysians.

KLSCAH Youth stands in solidarity with our secretary Wong Yan Ke and wholeheartedly supports him in appealing the verdict in the High Court and possibly the Court of Appeal. To this end, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise RM50,000 to cover Yan Ke’s legal costs.

We must not lose this battle.

KLSCAH Youth humbly requests the public to join this crowdfunding campaign and support Yan Ke in this legal battle. No matter how big or small, your donation sends a powerful message that we Malaysians do not tolerate the suppression of free speech or any form of racism. Together, let’s make it known: “Ini Tanah Malaysia!”